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Committees at Portofino Shores


Architectural Control Board

Chair:  Steve Pariseau
Members:  John Bardsley, Susan Pelot

Assignment: Review and approve homeowner requests to make modifications to the exterior of their residence.

Appeals Committee

Chair: Mike Luton

Members:  Alan Cinkovic, Ron Geipe, Debbe Pariseau
Neighborhood Watch Committee

Chair: Debbe Pariseau

Interested in becoming a Neighborhood Watch Committee volunteer?
Call Debbe Pariseau at 772.242.8470 or email
Entertainment Committee


Co-Chair: Nicki Nelson  Co-Chair: Donna Tanguay

Assignment: Organization of social events for Portofino Shores residents.
Screening Committe

Chair: Barbara Nazar

Members:  Frank Egidio, Bill Rutnik, Linda Steele
Assignment: Review and approve applications, welcome new residents, share key information about the community, assist in moving schedule.

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Entertainment Committee
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